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Some Words About CNC Advisor Services

Whether you're an experienced trader or completely new to it, we're here to help you get more from the financial markets.

In the current complex and dynamic environment of the business world right now, Honesty, integrity and commitment are three pillars the CNC Advisor Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. has been standing on for the past decades in the financial market. Over the years, dedicated to the three guiding principle of CNC Advisor Services, we have grown to be the market most prominent leader and are able to claim our spot as a leader in the marketplace.

Our concept as investment advisor will enable you to browse through our custom-made investment products that meet your needs. Not to mention our flexible personal technology provided by dedicated professionals in CNC Advisor Services’s Team. You will have the privilege to gain information on your portfolio and insights with ease and comfort.

With over 15 years of capital markets experience, network and solid base in financial sector, we fully utilize our resources to create more possibilities for your financial future. CNC Advisor Services offers our expertise to provide the most comprehensive information of the financial markets with the help internet technologies.

Whether you are an experienced investor or a total newcomer, we offer a friendly but professional service dedicated to give our clients the highest level of service, software and accountability in the industry, while maintaining the upmost professionalism and customer satisfaction.


Why CNC Advisor Services

Whenever you are making a choice of the company that will manage your Forex trading accounts, you must pay special attention to the most important quality factors. Your checklist for the quality of the managed account company should include:

This is a very important factor, because if a Forex managed account company has successfully passed through registration procedures with any of the biggest Forex brokers – this means that due diligence of this company was thoroughly investigated. Before giving any approval the broker checks the identity of the people behind managed account service, the juridical details and physical address of their company. It is not easy to meet up to the high credibility standards of famous brokers, but once any company has passed them – you can be sure that real people are behind this business. We are proud to report that the team of CNC Advisor Services has successfully qualified for a status of managed account service with several Forex brokers. Among them – FP Markets and ForexTime.

You deposit investment DIRECTLY to the broker

You don't send the money to the trader - you send the money directly to the account of a globally recognized Forex broker. And only you can withdraw the money from this account. And MIB can only trade your money, but cannot withdraw a single cent or penny from it. You are the one and only person who is authorized to withdraw the money from your Forex account. This business model ensures maximum security for the investor.


The trading should be done properly

Every trader has his/her own vision of what "proper" Forex trading is. But there are some basic notions which help to spot the type of trading which every Forex investor needs. The risk management must be very professional. It is impossible to completely eliminate the risks, but minimizing the risks is an absolutely "doable" task for a good trader. A small amount of money should be used for each trading position, so that even if the trend goes the wrong way - the client is not affected by it. Risk management is a top priority for CNC Advisor Services - we'd rather make you less money, but not sacrifice your investment. Trading must be consistent. A client should not wait for weeks or months before the "good trend" shows up on the market. Money should work as soon as possible, so that the client's investment makes sense. You can see from the trading account statement that our trading is consistent and quick; we do enough trading operations so that every client sees the results from the investment.


Why Trade With CNC Advisor Services

As a member of FP Markets and FXTM, we are committed in continuing our role as leaders and innovators in the Global Financial Market and are always dedicated in making sure that you are given fast and best services. As such, we highly value all our customers' relationships and have significant administrative resources to continue working towards providing you with new and better services from time to time, and developing the most useful and friendly new services that will be beneficial to you.

CNC Advisor Services promises to unconditionally improve and provide various supports to our customers such as:

1. Up-to-date daily market information; Daily research report on market movement

2. Analysis and Technical Analysis

3. Risk Management strategies to minimize the risk

4. Money Management for your sustaining ability

5. 24 hours weekdays, technical support

6. Professional consultation in identifying which that best suits individuals’ needs

7. Instructors and training assistants dedicated share all levels of trading knowledge

8. Assisting in registering, deposit, withdrawals and all areas administration matters