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PAMM Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts give investors the option to have a portfolio manager trade all of their accounts (known as "sub-accounts") as if they were one "Master Account".

PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module Manager which is a form of pooled money forex trading. This software means investors can be part of a set of sub-accounts which are traded together by a money manager or trader who has permission from clients to trade their accounts under a LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney).

CNC Advisor Services is an investment management firm that specializes in providing individual and institutional investors access to asset management in the foreign exchange market. The investment objective of our managed forex account is consistent capital appreciation achieved by employing the trading discipline and risk management developed from over a decade in the financial markets.

Whether your investment objectives are diversification, growth, performance, income generation, or a combination of all four, our managed forex account program can provide a highly disciplined approach to help attain your goals. The Forex market can deliver both short and long term gains, but is a very risky and volatile market, and may not be suitable for everyone. Employing the services of a professional trader to manage your exposure in the currency market can increase the edge needed to succeed and deliver effective risk management in an ever-changing environment. Our firm researches and analyzes critical technical and fundamental data in order to formulate our strategy to best position our client assets.

Our Trading Strategy

Our approach is a completely manual discretionary fund that pulls from decades of research, knowledge, and experience.

Our trading strategy is a unique, proprietary blend of technical and fundamental analysis. The process begins by analyzing the charts to find high probability technical trade set-ups. This is done using a variety of technical analysis tools, including but not limited to, price movement, support/resistance levels, fibonacci retracements and projections, Elliot wave, stochastics, macd, Bollinger bands and moving averages. Once technical trade set ups are defined, we then look for confluence with the underlying macro-economic fundamentals of the corresponding countries for the pair. If there is no confluence found, a position entry is negated. Though the position may be technically sound, the probability of success is greatly decreased thereby increasing risk of loss if the technical picture is in stark contrast to the fundamentals. Conversely, if confluence is found, the trade set up will then enter our risk analysis stage in order to formulate a trade plan.

Our Risk Management

The foundation of our trading is disciplined risk management. This starts from what was just mentioned above in regard to the low trade frequency of the account. Not only does this increase the liquidity of funds to our clients, but it helps to reduce risk of loss by limiting the amount of time that funds are exposed to the market. That same logic continues into the risk analysis stage of our trade development. Employing our risk management guidelines, it reduces the overall amount of capital at risk at any given time in the market. An important thing to note is that simply because the Forex market offers a high degree of available leverage, that doesn’t mean that it is wise to use it.

Our fund trades around a set risk-to-balance per trade model which allows us to capitalize on high probability trades while significantly limiting large losses per trade. Our risk to balance per trade typically runs around 2-2.5%. By structuring our trading this way, it allows us to tailor the position sizing to a particular trade set up or market condition, thereby reducing our risk of loss in the event that we are on the wrong side of a trade. In contrast to the example in the previous paragraph, our position size would be significantly different on a trade that required a lower stop loss versus a trade requiring a higher stop loss. This type of risk management also allows for the flexibility to scale into and out of positions at various levels adding additional risk protection and the ability to lock in partial potential profits.


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Regulated By CySEC And ASIC
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